About Verbatoria
Verbatoria is a neuro-test which evaluates inborn abilities of a human with respect to math, music, creativity, languages, sports. It is based on measuring brain activity during simple tests using wearable Brain Computer Interface (pBCI).

The company has been operating since 2014 and Malaysia first set up is located in Penang.  Its certified specialist carry out unique neuro-feedback testing for kids, teenagers and adults on seven talent edges (TQ). Testing is held by age groups that guarantees an individual approach to the assessment and not comparison with norms as in traditional methods.
What makes us unique
Unlike existing talent tests available on the market, our tests do not focus on reading and writing, and the measurement is not simply based on answering questions correctly and achieving a high numeric score. We measure the thinking process of the brain using an automatic algorithm.

Our measurement focuses on the natural ability of individual in different areas and will be able to highlight strength and weaknesses on individuals which will allow for greater development and guidance on a teaching platform.

With Neurometria, it is possible to determine as precisely as possible those directions of the child's education that will be most effective for him and will help him to reveal all his abilities to the full extent.

Neurometria method includes a compact sensor - neurointerface (BCI). Microprocessor of the sensor (chipset) is developed in the Silicon Valley, by the Company NeuroSky.com. The company is a patent holder for the technology of creating portable sensors and is used in various device form factors. Whereas, the sensor used in neuroscreening is manufactured by Macroellect.
How Does It Work?
  • Recording of brainwaves is carried out with the help of ultra-light secure sensor NeuroSky(US) while solving simple tasks from different areas.

  • The recorded waves are sent to cloud-server and are analyzed automatically by a unique patented algorithm without human participation, matching with one of the 67 million profile variants.

  • The TQ-report on the intelligence edges (Talent Quotient) clearly and in detail describes the long-terms personal development plan based on your talents.

  • Our test provides a scientifically proven brain assessment. You will also get score on kid's thinking type and to know best fit learning approach.
How It Help Parents
  • We help to determine your kid's Talent Quotient in math, music, languages, sports, creativity. You will also get score on kid's thinking type - analytical or figurative to know best fit learning approach.

  • We help to provide one to one personal engagement with parents and personal touch to the parents instead on groups. We strongly believe every kids and parents is different from each other and services requirements will be different.

  • We help to provide Matching Talent Quotient (TQ) vs every school class requirements. Visual hint for parents and teachers on kid green and red zone.

  • We measure attention and memory for each area of talent and offer the optimal mode for the best results. Every kid needs an individual approach of work load scheduling.
Here's what we do
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