Aham Learning Hub - How it works for tutors

“Personalized learning is considering the interests of your students, giving them choice in their learning, and meeting them where they're at-academically and personally.“

- William Roberts, Principal

There’s no question as to whether personalized learning approaches work. They have, and they do. So at Aham, we tailor our learning and teaching approaches to work effectively for both our students and our tutors. Since each individual is unique, we provide various options to suit various needs, preferences, and interests.

At its heart, teaching is an act of giving. Are you willing to give your whole self — your knowledge, experience, creativity, and affection — to the pursuit of helping others succeed? Are you a lifelong learner? Can you design unique learning experiences that encourage students to think and do things they never thought they’d be capable of?

If you answered “yes” to the questions above, you might be a great fit. We’re looking to engage dedicated, innovative tutors to help us create personalized learning experiences for our students at Aham.

Choose options that work best for you

With thousands of teaching subjects and topics, flexible hours, and various location options, the Aham Learning Platform offers tutors like you the freedom you’ve always wanted.

At Aham, the possibilities are endless. You can choose what you teach, where you teach, when you teach, and how you teach in order to best fit your availability and interests.

First, sign up with Aham on our website.

Next, start enriching your profile by answering a few questions:

What – What topics, subjects or courses are you best at teaching? What kind of classes do you most enjoy teaching? We’ll make sure to route only those topic requests to your queue.

When – At what time of day do you perform best? Which days are you available to teach? We’ll send you class requests for the specific times of day and days of the week that work best for you.

Where – You have a few options for where you’ll teach your classes, ranging from the comfort of your home to a nearby Aham learning hub. We’ll only send you requests for your preferred locations. Here are all your options:

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Confirm your class

Once you select the class you want, we’ll schedule the class and send you a notification to confirm your choice.

Review the class details, including price, location, time, and information about the students attending the class.

Confirm class on your app or on your tutor dashboard. This officially signs you up for the class.

Create learning experiences for your students

Design unique learning experiences for your students, and give them everything you have to offer in the process.

Meet up with your student(s) in the environment of your choice.

Continuously engage your student(s) within the classroom and beyond by using the chat option in the app. Make each individual an integral part of the learning process.

Share files related to the topic in class – before, during and after class - to provide more information or context.

Provide feedback tafter class in the app to improve the learning experience.

Get paid instantly

Compensation varies according to subject, time, location, and number of students chosen by the tutor. Tutors earn up to 70% of the total class earnings.

Get paid immediately after closing the class, providing feedback and following up on questions.

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