I am passionate about imparting education and believe in continious Learning. Learning is an on going process and hunger to learn make a huge difference in the developement of a child. I feel that the learning culture can be enculcated in children by tapping the right style of learning for an individual. All the kids have potential to learn and excel, it's all about discovering their true potential and the learning style, a teacher can guide them to that potential. My ability to motivate kids and being patient with them helps me understand them better and work on their strengths to guide them towards success.
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Physics, English, Home Schooling Mathematics, Home Schooling Physics, Business Studies, Economics, Home Schooling Chemistry, Economics - 10th Grade, Elementary Algebra (Algebra 1), Intermediate Algebra (Algebra 2), Calculus, Probability, Geometry, Arithmetic, PSAT / NMSQT, Competitive Mathematics, Tests/Reviews, SAT Subjects, SAT English, Grammar, English - Reading Strategies,
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