I am an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and Indian School Of Business, and I have taught students in different countries. My methodology is scientific. I work on teaching concepts through problem solving. I break down any problem into manageable and understandable parts, and gradually add complexity to each part wherein the student can appreciate, visualize and finally solve the full problem. I walk the student through simple kinematics, Newtons laws, associated calculus , algebra and related topics wherein the student no longer needs to remember the methodology but strongly grasps the logic which can then be applied to any unknown or unseen problem at hand. Teaching for me is about instilling a passionate quest in a student for understanding the underlying logic behind science. Together with an approach to visualize the problem , I instill in students a rigor that helps them sharpen their common sense such that it can be applied more generally in everyday life and examinations.
Teaches in Aham
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  • Indian School of Business
    PGP, Strategic Analyst
  • IIT Kanpur
    Btech , Mechanical
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