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May 2019, Hyderabad

  • 28 Days
  • 672 Hours
  • 40,320 Minutes
  • Seconds
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Teenpreneurship May 2019

The Top Ten Participants Will Pitch To Investors for funding / mentorship On The TV Series : Horses Stable. Every Teen Walks Out With an Executable Business Plan.

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A unique program delivered in a highly engaging and fun environment to make easy and seamless absorption of the requisite skills and competencies
No theory, no gyan; Only practical insights from the real world. Delivered over nine intense days by highly experienced professionals - Leaders and Entrepreneurs
Specially designed for students aspiring to be entrepreneurs.
Part 1 : May 2,3,4
  • Idea or Project identi ed/validated
  • Readiness for being entrepreneur
Part 2 : May 13,14,15
  • Idea to enterprise
  • Stakeholders identi ed
  • Financials understood
  • Components of plan identifed
  • Risks and challenges identi ed
Part 3 : May 20, 21, 22
  • Executable business plan ready
  • Pitch delivery ready


speaker image Nalin Singh

Nalin Singh leads a boutique strategy & financial consulting company. He has held several leadership positions in India, Asia, Europe and the US. He is the author of four bestselling books and latest book “Get Funded Now” has won the National Book Honour. He launched the India Fund Fest & Indonesia his Fund Fest for startups.Nalin is passionate about the aspirations of the youth of India. With more than twenty five years of diverse experience, he provides life & strategy coaching to leaders and boards of Fortune 500 compa- nies, celebrities and startup Founders. He is now featured on the startup funding web series, Horses Stable. He currently resides in Bangalore and helps leaders as a life coach and strategy consultant.

speaker image Sunil Girdhar

Sunil Girdhar is a global leader who has more than thirty years of experience at the highest levels of Management. An engineer by profession he excels in managing large diverse workforces in the BPO and IT domains. He has successfully led startup companies in the HRO space as their Group Managing Director with global oversight, as well as worked in global P&L positions in companies. He excels in change management processes and project management of large contracts apart from mentoring leaders in P&L positions.

speaker image Jaya Nair

Jaya’s corporate exposure spanning 30 years, especially as a HR professional has helped her to focus on the ‘Human behind the role'. It encouraged her to probe into the dynamics behind thought patterns, perceptions, fears and its influence on emotions, behaviour and performance. Jaya, through practical experience, has confirmed her strong belief that every individual has unique strengths and amazing capacities to endure, learn, and grow from life's many challenges. This led her to enter the field of behaviour skills training in colleges and corporate o ices. She has been a trainer with Natio Cultus for the training conducted for motivating entrepreneurs to succeed in their ventures. She is a life coach, counsellor and also conducts transformational training sessions for groups

speaker image Dinesh Singh

Dinesh Singh has over twenty five years of experience in data analytics and leadership positions in Human Resource departments of Fortune 50 companies, he stepped out into the world of entrepreneur- ship. He has seen the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and now guides companies in change manage- ment as well as entrepreneurs on execution of business plans.

speaker image Aditya Atluri

Aditya is a strategy consultant and an entrepreneur with a truly diverse experience working in multiple industries and functions across 4 continents.He is an ecosystem designer for organizations and startups. Works primarily with the C level executives to develop corporate vision and long-term strate- gies for sustainable and organic growth and developing solutions to continuously add value to the current ecosystem, focusing on the technological and business dynamics that are changing the paradigms. Aditya is an ardent analyst in identifying key drivers and trends in business growth and developing business plans and models to help the clients scale their business and develop long term plans.

speaker image Anirudh Syal

Bachelors from IIT Kanpur - 2006. Scholar at at National University of Singapore, ETH Zurich, Lehigh university. Studied master’s in mechanical engineering, France in 2008. Completed MBA from Indian School of Business (ISB) in 2014, with a major in Finance. Held techno-managerial positions with Procter and Gamble, Rio Tinto ALCAN and TOTAL. Was General Manager with an Irish EPC firm, SEPAM. Certified six-sigma professional, proficient in Excel dashboards, Python and cloud computing using AWS. I specialize in developing organizational strategy, focusing the front end e orts of the organization towards capturing market share by thoroughly assessing economically viable opportunities



  • Your choices & the power of self-awareness
  • Mind, Body & Practical Readiness
  • Foundations for success
  • Personal branding
  • Prioritization
  • Managing clients, employees, statutory authorities & other stakeholders
  • Skills for e ective communication, listening, teamwork
  • Right habits & Behaviors
  • Online presence
  • Presentation skills
  • Making a pitch
  • Etiquette & grooming


  • Identifying a viable Idea
  • Creating a Prototype
  • Validating the Idea
  • Marketing the Product / Service
  • Preparing a Plan
  • Executing a Plan
  • Finding investors
  • Scaling the company
  • Essential documentation for investors
  • Statutory compliance for company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This bootcamp is aimed at those who are in the age group of 12-18 years old. If you have a thirst for entrepreneurship, this teenpreneurship bootcamp is for you.

What will I learn?

You will be taught core skills to help convert your entrepreneurial ideas into market-viable prototypes

How do I register?

There is Registration Form at the top of the webpage.

Am I enrolled if I registered?

Yes. 25 participants will be selected to be a part of the bootcamp at each location. There are 4 locations - Gachibowli, Banjara Hills, Kukatpally and Nallagandla.