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“When students take ownership of their learning and understand how they learn, they are better equipped to take action.”

-Helayne Brinauer Jones (Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

Are you looking to take ownership of your learning? What are you waiting for? Take a leap forward and start designing a better future for yourself with Aham.

Aham’s mission is to create personalized learning experiences for 21st century learners. By combining expert tutors, motivated learners, carefully vetted content, revolutionary processes and its own unique technology solutions, Aham enables students to excel and reach their potential. Learning objectives, teaching approaches, and instructional content all vary based on each learner’s individual needs and learning styles.

Choose Learning Options Based on Focus and Flexibility

With thousands of organized topics to choose from, as well as flexibility of time and location to pick from, the Aham Learning platform provides you with the options that you have always wished for.

At Aham, you can choose options - What, Where, When, How and Why - to find the perfect match for your personalized learning needs.

Start by requesting for a class either from the home page or from your learner dashboard. If you are associated with any physical learning hub operated by Aham, you can request the hub admin for scheduling classes based on your choice. If you have previously requested a class, your preferences will be saved for future requests. You can change your preferences at any time, should your focus or flexibility change.

View prices for the class as you are making your selection. You will know exactly how much you will spend and keep your learning options within your budget.

Change options as your needs change.

We will suggest the perfect match based on your request criteria, using our carefully-developed search algorithms.

Confirm Your Schedule According to Your Selections

A class will be scheduled for you based on your selection, and a notification will be sent to your dashboard for confirmation.

Review the class details as well as the details and profile of the tutor assigned to the class.

Confirm class on your app or your learner dashboard by enrolling in the class of your choice.

Pay for Your Selection

Currently, one Aham Credit costs Rs.550 in India plus applicable tax. You can easily purchase credits in bulk using PayPal and load the credits to your account. Once you do this, you can simply use them as you go! You pay for the class based on what options you selected, and you can pick various options based on your changing needs and interests.

Here are some examples of your options:

An online, one-on-one class in Algebra for an hour will cost you 1 Aham Credit.

A one-hour Calculus class in an in-person, one-on-one session will cost you 3 Aham Credits, or you can opt for a small group (4 or less).

A Pre-Calculus class in a small group session (4 or less) will cost you 1.5 Aham Credits.

Review Price before you confirm the class. Aham Credits are deducted from your account as soon as you confirm your class.

Pay for what you choose.

Experience Learning the Way You Want.

Learning is best achieved when you take ownership. Aham allows you to take ownership of your goals and objectives.

Connect with your tutor in an environment of your choice.

Focus on what you want to learn and ask questions both in the classroom and beyond by using the chat option in your app.

Share files related to the topic in your class page to ask questions or to share information.

Provide feedback after class in the app to improve not only your own learning experience, but to help others make the right choice.

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