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The learning ecosystem is the combination of technologies and support resources available to help individuals learn within an environment.

- Wikipedia

By partnering with credible, innovative educational institutions and by providing them with necessary tools, technology and resources, Aham’s vision is to create learning ecosystems that are within the reach of every Learner, ecosystems where learners can thrive.

These educational institutions, by partnering with Aham, will have a greater reach of customers through Aham’s marketing and branding efforts. They will also have access to Aham’s software, which will be used to manage courses and programs, as well as to reach out to potential students interested in classes scheduled within their facility.

Choose Options That Can be Offered at Partner Hub

Once an educational institution signs up as an Aham partner, an onboarding interface becomes available for the institution to manage the courses and class schedules within their facility based on certain preference options.

What – What topics, subjects, or courses are you going to offer at your facility? The Partner Hub admin interface will allow for a catalogue management system.

When – When do you operate the courses in your hub?

Where – Provide the location coordinates where the hub is located and the details within the hub where the classes are conducted.

Who – Who in your hub is eligible to tutor and what is their compensation rule? Who should be able to see the scheduled classes - a closed group or public?

How Much – What is the pricing strategy for your classes or courses?

Confirm the Hub Availability for Learners

Review your preferences.

Once you’ve reviewed all hub information, confirm the hub’s availability. This will make your hub “live,” so target customers can immediately find classes and courses conducted there.

Create Learning Experiences for Your Students.

Help empower your students by providing them with unique learning experiences.

Using all the features Aham software provides — from getting notifications on classes to providing feedback to sharing files — in order to create an engaging, stimulating learning experiences for each participant.

Get Paid

Tutors get paid based on the Partner Hub’s pricing strategy. All the choice options add up to the calculation of the tutor payment.

The Partner Hub gets paid in a periodic manner according to the agreement made with Aham, which is based on a percentage sharing of the revenues made.

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