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As an educator, by joining Aham Learning, you get to focus on what you most love – mentoring or coaching others. You can help expand minds and pursue your passion for teaching while letting us handle the stuff that slows you down, like infrastructure concerns, technology issues, administration work, and marketing and sales.

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Create a profile

Your profile is an essential step in linking you up with learners who are perfectly matched to you. In your profile, you’ll get to share who you are, what inspires you to teach or mentor, what your skills and strengths are, and your preferences for how you share your knowledge.


Design courses

With our technology platform, you can get started on course creation right away. You can design your course in any way you see fit with a fixed schedule or random one. You can create an intensive Algebra course that meets for two hours a day for ten days, or you can offer a 20-hour mentoring package for those who can benefit from learning your unique skillsets. You can get leads from learners who are interested in the course before you schedule the dates.


Book classrooms

If you’re instructing an offline session or using a blended learning approach, you’ll need an educational space off of the platform. In our learning ecosystem, Aham Learning Hubs allow you to rent an ideal location with state-of-the-art infrastructure. For online sessions, you will block zoom rooms. You’ll only pay per use. You’ll pre-book the classrooms using our technology platform and select the pricing model that works best with your business plan.


Schedule your classes

If you’ve finished designing your course and you want to begin offering it, the next step is scheduling the course. That will allow the learners to sign up for them. You can choose online, offline, and blended forms of learning – whatever you enjoy most. You’ll set the price and wait for the students to sign up.

After the minimum enrollment requirements are met, you’ll be ready to begin teaching or mentoring. You’ll engage with your learners at the scheduled time and begin imparting your knowledge.


Make the most out of your talents

You can only share your talents with learners if you can reach them. Our marketing and sales services can help you reach the maximum number of learners. Aham is here to help you realize your full potential as an educator.

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