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Arithmetic Sequences

  • No of Units2
  • Hours of Instruction4
  • LanguageEnglish

Course Description

In the laboratory, under favorable conditions, a growing bacterial population doubles at regular intervals. What will be the total count of bacteria after a known amount of time? A Loan of ₹1000000 is fixed at 12% (per annum) compound interest. It needs to be paid off over 7 years by annual installments. Interest is added at the end of each month, just before the payment is made. How much should be paid each month? Knowledge of Sequences and Series helps us in answering questions like these.


  • What is a Sequence?
  • Notation – Explicit, Recursive & Factorial
  • Graphing Sequences
  • Practice Problems


  • What is an Arithmetic Sequence?
  • Notation – Explicit & Recursive
  • Properties of Arithmetic Sequences
  • Inserting Arithmetic Means
  • Practice Problems