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Home schooling is a completely different experience from school. When I first decided to do home schooling at Aham, I had no doubts at all in my mind as I knew that I would be able to focus on my studies as well as do activities that weren't provided at school (Robotics). Homeschooling helped me remove distractions and focus on in-depth learning for any chosen subjects.

Gautham Veerapaneni (Home Schooling, 10th Grade, IGCSE Board)

At Aham, I learn Math and Physics. Teachers are very supportive and facilities are very clean. It is very nice that they use technology for visualization. All doubts are clarified both within class and outside of class.

Karthik Tamanna (10th grade, Chirec International School, Hyderabad)

I have been with Aham for almost two years and I have learnt more than I could ever dream of. I am even more confident on all my concepts and have learnt more as well. All the teachers are kind and helpful, and never refuse to clarify my doubts. I also participated in special courses like Techpreneurship and Functional Programming. The courses are very interesting and give me knowledge that I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else for my age. Overall, Aham provides an excellent learning experience and I don’t plan on leaving it any time soon.

Siddarth Veerapaneni (8th grade, Sreenidhi International School, Hyderabad)

Aham’s style of teaching is different from any other teaching approaches you have in schools. It’s focus being on concepts, and not a particular syllabus, it ensures that the student can really grasp the subject and develop a sound foundation for the basics. I feel that Aham has helped me look at mathematics from a completely new perspective and it has in fact helped me improve lot in the subject. I would definitely recommend Aham for any subject.

Ria Thimmaiahgari (Currently at Duke University, USA; Attended Aham in 11th &12th Grades at Indus International School)

Aham in a short span of 2 weeks has changed my perception of Math from being scared of it to doing it with confidence. Aham did not make me memorize anything rather they taught me how and why.

Ramya Chitturi (Currently at Symbiosis, Pune; Attended Summer classes at Aham in 12th grade while at Chinmaya International Residential, Coimbatore)

Thanks for your patient hearing. Had we not found Aham, we would not have thought of shifting my daughter Smita to Hyderabad.

Mr. Prasad (Parent of Smita 9th Grader at Oakridge International School, Hyderabad)

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Ajitha Molakalapalli

@Aham teaches

Physics , Physical Science , Communication , Home Schooling Physics , Technology & Science Activities ...

Kiran Kumar Jinka

@Aham teaches

Physics , Chemistry , Physical Science , Home Schooling Mathematics , Home Schooling Physics ...

Chetna Harika

@Aham teaches

Communication , English , Biology , Home Schooling Mathematics , PSAT / NMSQT ...


@Aham teaches

Physics , Elementary Algebra (Algebra 1) , Intermediate Algebra (Algebra 2) , Higher Algebra / College Algebra , Pre-Calculus ...

Krishan Shetty

@Aham teaches

Chemistry , Clubs & Workshops , Home Schooling Chemistry , Intermediate Algebra (Algebra 2) , Tests/Reviews ...

Binay Kumar Suna

@Aham teaches

Physics , Chemistry , Home Schooling Mathematics , Clubs & Workshops , Elementary Algebra (Algebra 1) ...

Laxman Ganga

@Aham teaches

Physics , Chemistry , Physical Science , Home Schooling Mathematics , Home Schooling Physics ...

Manisha varma

@Aham teaches

Physics , Chemistry , Physical Science , Biology , Clubs & Workshops ...

Chitrabhanu Nanduri

@Aham teaches

Physics , Tests/Reviews

Kishan Chand

@Aham teaches

Physics , Chemistry , Physical Science , Biology , Home Schooling Mathematics ...

B Sesi Kumari

@Aham teaches

English , Tests/Reviews , Grammar , English - Reading Comprehension , English - Vocabulary ...


@Aham teaches

Physics , Physical Science , Home Schooling Mathematics , Elementary Algebra (Algebra 1) , Higher Algebra / College Algebra ...

Tushar Mundhada

@Aham teaches

Physics , Physical Science , Middle School Science , Elementary Algebra (Algebra 1) , Intermediate Algebra (Algebra 2) ...

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