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Basic Geometrical Transformations

  • No of Units2
  • Hours of Instruction4
  • LanguageEnglish

Course Description

Transformations of the plane lead to transformations of space, which are crucial to understanding how modern computer graphics systems work. The computer animations that have been so popular recently (Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Bug's Life, Toy Story, ...) could not be developed without extensive use of geometric transformations. The topic introduces the math concepts behind geometric transformations.


  • Introduction to Geometric Transformations
  • Rigid and Non-Rigid Transformations
  • Translation Transformation
  • Rotation Transformation about Origin
  • Composition of Translation and Rotation Transformations
  • Problem solving activity


  • Reflection Transformation along X-axis and Y-axis
  • Dilation Transformation and Scale factor
  • Center of Enlargement
  • Problem solving activity