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Applications Of Trigonometry

  • No of Units4
  • Hours of Instruction8
  • LanguageEnglish

Course Description

The world’s largest tree by volume, named General Sherman, stands 274.9 feet tall and resides in Northern California. Just how do scientists know its true height? A common way to measure the height involves determining the angle of elevation, which is formed by the tree and the ground at a point some distance away from the base of the tree. This method is much more practical than climbing the tree and dropping a very long tape measure. In this topic, we will explore applications of trigonometry that will enable us to solve many different kinds of problems, including finding the height of a tree. We extend topics we introduced in Trigonometric Functions and investigate applications more deeply and meaningfully.

Unit - 1 : Modeling With Trigonometric Equations

  • Determine the amplitude and period of sinusoidal functions.
  • Model equations and graph sinusoidal functions.
  • Model periodic behavior.
  • Model harmonic motion functions.
  • Practice Problems.

Unit - 2 : Law Of Sines And Law Of Cosines

  • Use the Law of Sines and Law of Cosines to solve oblique triangles.
  • Find the area of an oblique triangle using the sine function.
  • Solve applied problems using the Law of Sines and  Law of Cosines.
  • Practice Problems.

Unit - 3 : Half Angle Formulae And Tangent Rules

  • Study Half Angle Formulae.
  • Study Tangent Rules.
  • Practice Problems.

Unit - 4 : Incircle And Excircle

  • Find Incircle and Excircle of a Triangle using the sides and angles of a Triangle.
  • Practice Problems.