Our vision is to create and operate the world’s
premier learner-centric platform where learners
choose how, when, where and what they will
learn online or offline from the most qualified,
motivated educators.

Our services

For educators and learners

Software as a service

Educators create, manage and schedule courses by using software features. They also use software features to collaborate, request additional services, view and manage leads and get insights for their business.

Learners use software to request what they want to learn and for collaboration purposes. They also use it to view, track and enroll in courses.

For educators and learners

Infrastructure as a service

For educators who opt to do in-class sessions, approachable, clean and safe learning spaces with appropriate infrastructure are offered. To reserve space and avoid conflicts, prior booking is required.

For learners who choose to participate in a group study, study spaces are offered. This space can also be used for quiet study time or to take mock tests.

For educators and learners

Knowledge as a service

Aham's Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) offer market needs and best practice insights to the educators.

This knowledge can help maximize the reach and revenue of the educators. Knowledge of what, when, where and how regarding courses and content is provided as a free service to learners. That allows them to choose what can best help them reach their goals.

For educators

Leads as a service

All inquiries generated by marketing and branding efforts are organized as leads. These leads are given to the educators so they can pursue them. Conversion of the leads to paying customers by providing customer service and lead conversion support is also available to educators on-demand.

For learners

Education as a service

Learners are in control of what they get - only paying for what they choose. They decide who they want for counseling, mentoring, tutoring, or coaching, as well as what skills they want to learn and what courses they want to take. Learners are given the power, resources and tools to reach their goals.

For educators

Marketing as a service

Educators can brand and refine their profiles by using Aham's marketing service. They can use a variety of marketing channels to highlight the courses they're offering.

Founder's story

Ajitha Molakalapalli

As a coach, speaker, tutor, mentor, and founder of Aham Learning, education has played a massive role in the life of Ajitha Molakalapalli. She firmly believes people should be lifelong learners. The problem is, however, that some people have challenges or lifestyles that don’t mesh well with the traditional forms of education.

To rectify that problem, she set out to revolutionize the way we learn by creating Aham Learning, the world’s first co-learning platform. It puts learners in the driver’s seat by allowing them to dictate what, when, how, and where they want to learn. Aham allows educators to share their skills, have the reach to obtain students, and put their full focus on teaching rather than administrative busy work. It’s a win-win situation for both learners and educators.

To create her vision, she drew on her 20 years of experience in technology design and implementation, her Master’s degree in Computer Science Engineering, leadership background, and passion for helping others reach their full potential.

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